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Welcome to Property Doncaster 

We will sell you home fast and cheaply. You are not listed on expensive portals and you are here in front of buyers and investors with no nonsense attitude. There is no haggling and your price is always set in stone. This is the price you want to sell and not a penny less and investors fully understand that's how we work. 


What do we do?

Welch & Co. ( have been in the property industry for almost 30 years. Our staff have over 50 years of property expertise designated to Doncaster and surrounding areas. We operate many businesses within Yorkshire, which are all property related and assist each other.

Welch & Co. owns a property portfolio that manages hundreds of properties in Doncaster and surrounding areas. Our expertise stretches from buying and selling, maintenance, refurbishment and repairs all the way to flipping and stripping to release funding to buy more properties. We find property deals for both sellers and buyers and have a comprehensive database of investors ready to buy properties at the right price and fast.

Through mass marketing we advertise to buy homes fast, and even for cash, completing in days not weeks. We have full page adverts in local free press, google targeted ads, billboards, and social media marketing ads, again designed to attract sellers who want to complete fast.

We do not value homes and we make offers on homes with full disclosure. We encourage vendors to check their open market valuation with other local estate agents. This helps sellers get a better idea of the open market value and understand better the price we offer and the bonus of using our services. Full transparency is paramount.

All our property offers are fair and transparent and are valid 7-14 days. Your offer may be below market value due to condition and convenience of a speedy and no-nonsense sale.

Why we do what we do?

There are many types of sellers, some are desperate to sell for personal reasons, fast sellers for quick funds and even people wanting to emigrate to another country who want to sell hands-off. Some people wish to retire from the property market, others want to sell up homes to free money for other life projects. Sometimes people inherit property and wish to sell on for quick cash rather than manage themselves.

We buy and broker all types of homes and in all types of condition. It does not matter what style of home or type of property and no matter what the condition an offer can be given to the seller for consideration.

How do we do it?

You provide the address, and we create a guide price based on average value.
We visit the property and make a closer examination of condition.
We pass property detail for consideration to various investors.
Those investors come back with an offer for you to consider.
You accept or deny the offer or move to the next offer.
Once the offer is accepted the solicitors take over and start the conveyancing to ensure the sale completes and our role has been completed.


“We broker a buyer for your property...

no matter what the condition or location.” 

Our broker fees are covered by the Investors, so you have none of the usual estate agency costs. You just pay the legal cost if you accept the offer made. Free consultation
No nonsense assistance
No time wasting
Not a public sales service
No withdrawn offers
No estate agent fees
No chains
No extra costs
No For Sale boards
No hassle 
Your Appraisal > Investor Offer > Your Acceptance >Your Sale!

Average of 30 broker deals per month.


 Investors and Landlords


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